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Microsoft 365 Optimization

Traditional IT Infrastructure Microsoft 365 Data Traffic




Routing Microsoft 365 through direct internet can reduce latency but the performance depends on the public Internet efficiency. Poor connection leads to poor performance.



MPLS private WAN connections are efficient but quite expensive. Direct internet reduces cost but may compromise speed and performance.



Performance visibility is vital for monitoring and troubleshooting problems with cloud-hosted services like Microsoft 365. Direct internet access may result in no data for KPI because the traffic bypasses data center.


On-demand optimization

New Microsoft 365 segregates its endpoints into three categories, Optimize, Allow, and Default, to reflect different priority and optimization efforts needed for different applications. The connection solution needs to be able to distinguish apps in different categories to achieve ideal performance and user experience.



Immediate shift between office working and remote working may become a new normal along with technology development or crisis like COVID-19. To keep employees stay productive with Microsoft 365, businesses need a solution which is scalable, flexible, and performant to meet such shift.

Freecomm connectivity as a Service (NetNavi) Microsoft 365 Solution

NetNavi substitutes public Internet with optimization tunnels in the path between users and the suitable peering Microsoft 365 endpoints. The substitution eliminates the primary source of high latency, network congestion, and packet loss in data flows.

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As a mobile end-to-end solution, Freecomm NetNavi connects client machines to Microsoft peering points and establishes BGP peering relationships. With dynamic routing, users are connected through the fastest and most reliable path.

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With traffic monitoring from Pops premises through NetNavi backbone to Microsoft 365 endpoints, machine learning-based analysis provides anomaly detection.

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The results of NetNavi running are inspected constantly by Freecomm network architects to ensure that the service always keeps its optimal configuration as XaaS providers adjust service endpoints in their cloud.

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I/T can manage any changes of employees' work status such as remote working, travel, or relocation easily with NetNavi local optimization solution and Microsoft Global Network.

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The NetNavi Analytics Platform for Microsoft 365 optimization provides an analytical and data visualization platform in which customers can consult 24/7/365 for help to instantly identify any performance issue.

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Upon request from customer IT administrators, Freecomm can provide specific remote diagnosis to identify and solve local connection problems.

Freecomm NetNavi Global IT Infrastructure

Key Benefits

Connectivity and Latency

Microsoft 365 Outlook email performs 30-50% better on the NetNavi backbone versus a standard internet connection.
Non-email Microsoft 365 applications perform 40-60% better on the NetNavi backbone versus a standard internet connection

Application Performance Visibility

NetNavi enables detecting and diagnosing complex application performance problems rapidly with analytical and visualization tools.

Ensure business-critical apps performance

Distribute traffic at client machines based on applications to ensure business critical apps like Microsoft 365 are always online, keep work-from-anywhere the way it was meant to be.

User experience

Provide seamless and stable user experience by continuously detecting and choosing the shortest and best performance path between clients and Microsoft 365 endpoints.

Enterprise mobility

As a client-based service, NetNavi is an authentic mobile application which can be installed in minutes to accelerate connection.

Cost control

Effectively reduce cost without compromising speed and stability. A subscription payment model provides resilience in cost management.

Freecomm NetNavi IT Infrastructure Microsoft 365 Data Traffic

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