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Mobile and Home office

Traditional IT Infrastructure

Challenges With A Traditional IT Infrastructure

Inability to scale quickly

Procuring, installing, and configuring additional VPN and gateway appliances to accommodate changes such as lock-down and work-from-home or relocation can take weeks or even months.

Increase of risk exposure

The end user's computer is open to risk when it is connected to the data center via VPN to access SaaS applications or public clouds, because all traffic goes through the data center in a traditional infrastructure.

Poor user experience

Distribute traffic at client machines based on applications to ensure business critical apps like Microsoft 365 are always online, keep work-from-anywhere the way it was meant to be.

User's privacy concerns

All traffic going through the data center not only affects the data center internet performance, but also raises concerns of users' private data protection.

Key Requirements From Mobile / Home Office Users

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SaaS and Public cloud

Optimize access speed and performance for SaaS applications and public cloud.

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Enterprise VPN and RDP tools

Optimize performance for enterprise VPN and RDP tools such as AnyConnect, GlobalProtect, Citrix.

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User experience

Fast and stable access to SaaS applications or public clouds such as Office 365, Salesforce, Workday, or Zoom in collaborative work.

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Security and compliance

Secure access to Internet and SaaS.Cyberthreat protection and data loss prevention.Comply with internet regulations based on the geographical location.

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Agility and simplicity for rapid deployment.

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Performance visualization and easy troubleshooting

Allow users to monitor and get insights of network performance in real-time.
Self-diagnose the cause of network failure and send alerts.

Freecomm NetNavi

Automatic edge pop switching

Automatically detect and switch the connection to the edge pop with the best performance for mobile users.

Identify applications

Identify applications on the local device and determine the business-related applications (designated by enterprise administrator) to be optimized.

Network traffic shunting (locally)

The targeted traffic will go through NetNavi, others remain at local ISP. In this way, the optimization of targeted traffic is achieved and users' privacy is protected. Business applications are guaranteed to be always online.

Network status visibility

Users can easily check the local network environment through the network status dashboard at the Freecomm portal.

Optimization performance monitoring

Enterprise administrator can monitor the optimization performance in real-time by the management platform and set up notifications.

Easy deployment and centralized management

Enterprise administrator can manage devices centrally through cloud, distribute installation, and complete deployment in hours.

Freecomm NetNavi IT Infrastructure

Support any device, on any network, from any location to access any SaaS and Public Cloud

Identify Applications & Shunt Traffic Locally

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Application Visibility

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