Why NetNavi?

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Enhanced Security

NetNavi employes state-of-the-art encryption, protecting your chats' privacy. Masked IP addresses make your online activities untraceable. It provides protection against potential threats, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your data

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Network traffic diversion

The NetNavi selectively processes the ChatGPTgpt traffic, while allowing other traffic to stay within the local ISP. This approach optimizes the desired traffic, ensuring efficient performance, while safeguarding user privacy

Reclame your privacy


Some regions may impose restrictions on accessing ChatGPT or other chat platforms. With NetNavi, you can bypass these limitations by connecting to PoPs located in different countries. Access ChatGPT from anywhere in the world without any hassle

Protect all your devices

Zero-Log Policy

We prioritize your privacy. NetNavi strictly adheres to a zero-log policy, meaning we do not monitor, track, or store any of your online activities or chat history. Your privacy is our utmost concern

Reclame your privacy

Fast and Reliable Performance

NetNavi employs high-speed backbone networks strategically located worldwide, ensuring fast and reliable connections for uninterrupted chat sessions with ChatGPT. Say goodbye to buffering and latency issues

Protect all your devices

Pay on Demand

Experience a personalized payment system with NetNavi, granting you complete control. Begin with a deposit post free trial, paying according to actual usage. Service statistics are tracked and represented

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NetNavi for Chatgpt Pricing

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